How to Rephrase a Sentence with the Same Meaning

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how to use paraphrase in a sentenceAccording to Yuliya Danilyuk, there were more than 8000 Chinese students expelled from education in the US in just one year. Many for academic dishonesty with plagiarism being top of the list. But there is no need to be caught for plagiarism if you can do your paraphrasing well. Paraphrasing is rewriting what another has written and putting it into your own words.

Many students, however, find that they have problems with how to paraphrase without plagiarizing. They use the wrong methods of paraphrasing and try to go about it by working on the sentence structure and looking for a synonym for rephrasing to swap individual words. This often takes a huge amount of time and will not result in text that is unique enough. This is why so many students need help and tips to writing a good paraphrase.

Our services to rephrase sentences has been providing support and help to students for more than 5 years. Through us, you will be able to access a huge amount of advice and support to help you with avoiding plagiarism through more effective paraphrasing.

As the University of New South Wales tells us about using the ideas of others and plagiarism:

“One of the contradictions of academic writing is that, while you are expected to research and refer to experts and authorities, you are also expected to produce original work.  This is based on the assumption that you are very clear about your own ideas and about how the works of other scholars have influenced your understanding.”

How to Rephrase a Sentence without Plagiarism

how to rephrase a sentenceParaphrasing rules are quite simple, you maintain the same meaning but you do not repeat the same wording. This for many can be where the difficulties lay. More than 3 words the same in a row will typically be seen as copying and many that paraphrase will end up unintentionally repeating much of the same text.

Some will try to use a paraphrasing tool to do their rewriting. This is unlikely to be able to provide you with the level of quality that you will need. These tools work by swapping words for synonyms and do not change the structure of the writing at all. Many words will have multiple meanings depending on the context in which they are used and the software more often than not makes inappropriate selections. This results in writing that reads very poorly indeed and is not going to be something that you will want to use.

Looking at a rephrase sentence example will provide you with a lot of ideas and guidance as to how paraphrasing should be done. You will find many examples of good paraphrasing and that will show you just how different the original and the paraphrase should be.

Paraphrasing is not about swapping words for synonyms. Like translation, paraphrasing is really about understanding the meaning. Once you understand the meaning of the original you can repeat that whole meaning in your own language.

The following paraphrase tips will help you to better understand how to rephrase sentences so that they are unique:

∗ Know why you are paraphrasing and who your intended audience is so that you have a better understanding of how your rewriting should be conducted. Simplifying or improving a piece of writing will be done very differently to just trying to make something unique.

∗ Read the source text several times. You need to ensure that you fully understand exactly what is being said. When you paraphrase you will be looking to communicate the full meaning of the original and if you don’t understand it you cannot paraphrase.

∗ Make brief notes of all of the points that are raised within the original but use your own words.

∗ Reorganize your notes so that you have a logical order and flow for your rewriting, it does not have to be in the exact same order as the original if it will not change the meaning.

∗ Using only the notes that you have made and without referring to the original, rewrite the piece of writing.

∗ Compare the two pieces of writing to ensure that you have not unintentionally copied anything from the original. If you have altered it so that it reads in a unique manner.

∗ If you have to use specific pieces of the original text ensure that they are enclosed within inverted commas and that use a correct citation.

∗ Proofread your final piece of writing so that you are sure that there are no errors in your text.

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