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Will a Paraphrasing of a Sentence Example Help You?

paraphrasing sampleKnowing what constitutes plagiarism (copying) and what makes a good paraphrase is very important within academic writing. You will often need to refer to the work of others within your own writing and other than simply quoting what they have said you will want to paraphrase what they have said to maintain the style of your own writing. Paraphrasing is putting what they have said into your personal words.

A rephrase sentence example is one way that you can learn just what is expected of you when your paraphrase. Many students have some serious problems with creating a new text that is going to be seen as unique when they paraphrase. They will often fall foul of plagiarism rules as they inadvertently copy some of the original text and do not change things enough to make it unique.

Our services have been helping students and other writers to avoid issues with plagiarism for several years through effective and unique paraphrasing. Our services can provide you with all of the support that you need along with many example sentences for paraphrasing and rewriting tips.

How Can You Use a Rephrase Sentence Example?

Knowing how to paraphrase without plagiarizing is vital for any writer but achieving it can be very hard. Looking at a good paraphrasing sample can show you just what is expected of you when you paraphrase.  A sample for paraphrasing can show you what level of rewriting is required to avoid any issues with plagiarism. A sample of paraphrasing a sentence that is done badly can also demonstrate very clearly what would still be seen as copying within your writing.

An APA paraphrasing example will be able to show you just how your citations and references should be done within APA style so that you meet the requirements for your paper. While a paraphrasing MLA example shows the use of MLA style for your writing. Good paraphrasing examples will be able to show you not only how to avoid problems with plagiarism but also how to correctly format your writing with consistent academic citations and references.

You must not, however, use a rephrase sentence example that you find online as your own work. This would still be seen as plagiarism. Your paraphrase should be in your personal words and targeted for your audience.

How Can You Paraphrase Effectively?

mla styleWhile looking at a paraphrasing example can provide you with a lot of ideas as to how you can conduct your own paraphrasing you will probably still want some advice as to how to rephrase the sentence better. Our expert tips come from our highly skilled and qualified writers and editors and can help you to perform better paraphrasing every time. Here they are:

∗ Read the original piece of writing several times until you are sure that you fully understand what it is communicating.

∗ Make simple notes in your own unique words of each of the points that are raised within the original.

∗ Organize the points that you have made notes on into a meaningful order for rewriting.

∗ Do your rewriting using only the notes; do not refer back to the original.

∗ Compare the two pieces of writing and make any changes required to ensure that your paraphrase is unique.

∗ Proofread all of your writing so that you are sure there are no grammatical or spelling mistakes.

Always ensure that your rewritten text is going to be unique, as this quote from a college tutor tells us:

“If I could prove that a student had plagiarized a paper, that was an automatic failure for the course and a report to the dean’s office. End of story.”

How Can Our Rephrasing Services Help You?

All of our rephrasing is provided through staff that is qualified with a PhD or Masters degree in the field of the writing that you are working with. This ensures that they will be able to understand it and use their superior writing skills to help you submit a paraphrase that will be well written as well as being totally unique.

They work with you so that they will know why you need your paraphrasing conducted and who the intended audience is going to be. All of the rewriting that they do is done from scratch, there is no copying or using a software. They are able to help you with a wide range of different services such as:

∗ Paraphrasing paragraphs and sentences for your paper

∗ Rewriting papers and essays

∗ Summarizing help

∗ Content and article rewriting

∗ Editing and proofreading help

The Advantages of Using Our Services

rephrase sentence exampleThrough our professional services you are always matched with a highly capable rewriting expert which will allow you to better understand just how paraphrasing should be done. By following their advice and example you will be able to improve your own paraphrasing skills and better understand how you need to avoid plagiarism. Our experts put your needs first at all times and are totally dedicated to providing your full satisfaction with the services that we provide.

Not only are you going to be working with the best you are also going to gain all of the following advantages:

∗ Unlimited revisions on your rewriting until you are fully satisfied

∗ Free top quality proofreading so that you will have no errors in your writing

∗ Original writing that has been produced just for you and a free report on plagiarism

∗ Around the clock support and tracking for your order within our member’s area

∗ Guaranteed delivery inside the agreed time even with a rush order

∗ Guaranteed satisfaction with the rephrasing that we provide or your money returned

To match the quality of any good rephrase sentence example just get in touch with our highly skilled and experienced paraphrasing experts here today!